How long does the photo booth run for?

A Standard hire is up to 4 hours of running time. Within this time the guests will receive unlimited photos. Extra hours are available for an extra charge.

What colour is your photo booth?

Our photo booth comes in black or white, other colours are available on request but may occur an additional cost.

Who looks after the photo booth?

Our booth will have an attendant there to set up and stay for the duration to ensure the photo booth runs smoothly an quickly

How many photos do we get?

Photos and prints during the hire period are unlimited, so as fast as people can pose the photo booth will produce the photos.

Do we get the photos after the event?

Yes... we are the only ones to offer photos immediately after your event. We put them onto a USB drive for you o keep... No need for DVDS anymore

Can we choose different photo layouts?

Yes, we have many different layouts you can choose from, we also have the choice of black and white photos and we can also add the event details and date pre set on each photo.

What quality are the prints?

Our prints are of the very highest quality and are printed on a commercial sub dye printer which are instantly dry and durable.

Do you offer custom backdrops?

we can supply different color backdrops of your choice. Our other feature is a "Green Screen" where you can super impose any picture in the background, which can be literally anything you like!

How many people fit in the photo booth?

As we have one of the largest booths we can fit up to 12 people in! We use two cameras built in the booth, one for smaller groups and another to fit all 12 in!

Do you supply props?

we supply many props for free... wigs, hats, glasses and much more, but if there is a certain theme you would like we can get the props to suit.

Venue requirements?

we require a flat space 2.3 meter long x 1.3 meter wide with 2.1 meter high and access to a standard 13 amp socket. If you are unsure we can contact the venue to make sure.

How long does it take to set up?

set up time takes about 40 mins once all the equipment is in the venue. The attendant will normally arrive 2 hours before to allow plenty of time.

Can you set up the booth earlier and return later on?

we can set up at any time but an additional idle charge may occur

What about insurance?

we carry public liability insurance and our equipment is fully PAT tested

How do we pay?

We charge £100 deposit to secure your date and the remaining amount will be due 14 days prior to you event. Once deposit is received we will send out a receipt listing all the details and remaining amount. We will contact you 1 week before final payment is due.